Through volunteerism, membership, and donations from parents and local businesses, the PTA helps fund initiatives that enrich the school community and provide a more competitive education for our kids. The PTA provides things like classroom technology, field trips, educational and intervention programs, teacher appreciation week, the student newspaper, and more. Things we know make Whitesides a better place for all our kids. We need you! 


Whether you are a family that attends Whitesides, or a business that wants to support our school, there are many levels to donate. The graphs below explain the differences for each level. Click on either graph to enlarge. 


FamilIES of Whitesides

For families who attend WES, their extended families and personal friends. Please choose a level to help raise money for our school.


A community partner program designed to include the community in our children's lives. It invites our local businesses to be part of the pack. Why is Whitesides a leader in elementary education? The short answer is a lot of things, but includes great teachers and staff that love our kids, involved parents, AND a COMMUNITY invested in our children.